Lisa winston

#1 Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Pro-Vocalist, and Artist

Lisa has been drawing and painting her entire life.  Her first awards were for copper etchings in junior high school.  She then went on to create artwork for various school and college projects, where she also dabbled in pottery.

In 2007, Lisa lost her home and all of her art and music in the San Diego wildfires.  Because of the deep grief she felt from such a huge loss, she took a break from creating art.  A year later, Lisa’s daughter, who had lost two homes to wildfire, urged her to start painting again, which she did.

In 2014, Lisa left a 36-year music career in search of her soul mission.  She initially created a coaching business to empower women and help them find their voice but after many years, began feeling uninspired and restless. Two life events (“turning points”) ended up being catalysts for major transformation in her life. 

In 2019, after a year of caring for her dying mother, relocating to Texas, and traveling internationally, Lisa collapsed and was diagnosed with chronic neuro-Lyme disease and 12 co-infections.  The near-death illness and ensuing, unexpected pandemic created massive clarity for her.  

Lisa knew it was time to live from a space of joy and authenticity like never before.  She closed her coaching business and began focusing on creating colorful, high vibration paintings to uplift people and their sacred spaces.  Creating a business around art felt like a big risk, but one worth taking.  She knew in her “gut” it would bring more joy, better health, prosperity, and alignment. 

Lisa’s primary and favorite medium has always been watercolor.  In 2014, she created illustrations for a children’s book.  In 2015/2016, she turned many of her paintings into gorgeous scarves, bags and wearable art on the site, where she still sells her art today.

Lisa recently put her watercolors away when unexpectedly introduced to a new medium – acrylic pour or flow painting, which completely ignited her at a soul level.  What she loves most about this medium/process is that the outcome is always unexpected and surprising. It’s all about getting into flow and letting go.

Lisa paints acrylic and mixed media abstracts, experiments daily with new techniques, and continues to create commissioned pieces for clients and friends.

She is now incorporating the message that creativity is as “necessary as breathing” as it opens you up to your genius, possibilities and all joy.

And all of Lisa’s high-vibe creations are channeled, infused, and imprinted with high energy frequencies and positive intentions, uplifting every space they’re placed in.

Lisa’s artwork is available for sale or commission. Please email Lisa at for more information.  

A note from the artist:

Thank you for enjoying my collection.  I appreciate you!  If you love what I do, please be sure to tell your friends.  🙂

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